The Kooyong Pro Shop has a large range of racquets, shoes, bags as well as tennis and fitness attire, catering for the needs of tennis players and fitness enthusiasts of all ages.


Our range of racquets includes many of the major brands and we have a fast and professional racquet stringing service as well as our racquet ‘demo’ program, allowing you to ‘try before you buy’, any racquet model for up to 4 weeks prior to purchase.

We stock a constant supply of the latest tennis shoes and bags as well as a sizeable range of clothing from leading sporting brands as well as our own Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club range of tracksuits, shorts, skirts, collared tees and club knits.

Our collection of compression garments, designed to enhance performance and reduce the chance of injuries adds to our comprehensive Pro Shop range.

We also have a supply of swimwear and gym gear ranges as well as tennis balls and all the other accessories you need to look great and play your best game.


We offer our clients a unique, ‘try before you buy’ opportunity on any of our racquet models, for a one-month trial period. For an initial investment of just $25 which is deducted from your final racquet purchase, we will give you a variety of racquets of your choice to use and try for a 30-day period.

Choosing the right tennis racquet for your specific needs is not as easy as you might think; there’s a lot to consider, even if you’re just starting out.  Things like the head size, weight, string pattern, balance point, grip size and frame stiffness can be critical to your ability to play.  Maybe you want a racquet that gives you more power or more control or a good balance of both.  When choosing your next or first racquet, talk to our Pro Shop staff or one of our experienced tennis coaches; it will arm you with the knowledge to make a well- informed choice.


We stock a wide variety of strings and racquet accessories to suit your playing style, racquet and individual needs. We offer a 24 hour stringing service and we can talk you through the stringing process and help you to select the right string for your requirements; we can also re-grip your racquet on the spot, or replace your over-grip, head protector or racquet dampener as well.


Many people assume that because we’re a small boutique, situated in a prestigious tennis club, that our prices will be more expensive than the internet or the other major sporting outlets. Our prices are exceedingly competitive and if you find any advertised price that is better than ours, we will match it or do our best to beat it; just bring along a current advertisement/item as proof of the price.

To contact the Pro Shop:  +61 3 9038 7141 |