Tennis is our vehicle; individual ‘best potential’ our goal; our work is a passion, not a job and we care deeply about our results.

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We value a collaborative, professional and innovative approach to developing individuals as players and as people; we focus on how we impact the growth process.

We have developed a unique and holistic methodology, which all of our coaches now use to systemise the process of successful player development.

We give beginners a strong foundation in the fundamentals for their future play, we offer High Performance training for young, professional and senior players and we provide targeted coaching sessions for players of all levels, whether their interest is to play for fitness, fun or high performance.

Individuals who are committed to accelerating their playing capability or are considering a serious career in tennis, find an exceptional playing arena with us, within which their development needs are paramount; they experience innovation, a focus on the cutting edge methodologies and a persistent approach which delivers real results; this is what makes KITA an industry leader.

The KITA Values embody the very core of our methodology for player development.

img_1835Collaboration – working together and encouraging open communication and teamwork to inspire trust and respect.

Innovation – exploring new ways and cutting-edge advances in fitness, diet and the mental, technical and emotional aspects.

Empowerment – inspiring individual responsibility through a proactive learning environment and a competitive team spirit.

Professionalism – Building principled, focused and meaningful relationships with each other, our students and our business partners.

Excellence – excellence is about brilliance; we strive to be our most brilliant and to bring out the best in others.

Enjoyment – loving tennis and having fun is a big part of our approach; it exemplifies the core drive behind why we do what we do.