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The Kooyong International Tennis Academy (KITA) was established by the Founder and Director Glenn Busby, Elite Coach to top players for over 40 years and currently ranked No 1 in the world on the ITF Tour. Glenn has worked with his team to create a distinctive tennis training academy to foster the development of tennis enthusiasts of all ages. The academy specialises in a unique approach to player advancement, using a cutting-edge combination of physical, mental, emotional and social skill development. Addressing all of these key areas deeply, is the focus that brings real and lasting player and individual improvement.

The Kooyong International Tennis Academy is an exceptional sporting development institute, bringing the latest in information, expertise and technologies to the professional, developmental and recreational fields of tennis. Whatever your tennis goals are, we have the right people and a number of leading-edge options for you to consider.

Today, KITA sits amongst the history and prestige that is the Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club, recognised as the ‘Spiritual Home of Australian Tennis’ and as an exceptional, first class, tennis sporting venue. Training facilities include 23 Floodlit En Tout Cas Courts, 27 Natural Grass Courts and 3 Plexicusion Courts located inside the famous Kooyong Stadium.

KITA Founder and Director Glenn Busby 

Glenn has been an Elite Coach and Mentor to top players for over 40 years; he has worked and toured with highly ranked players from all over the world as well as many top Australian junior players. Glenn is a Senior ITF Player currently ranked No 1 in the World (over 55’s and 60’s) and has held his No 1 ranking for the past 10 years. He is passionate and committed to the holistic development of the players in his care and to supporting their journey to finding their ‘best self’, both on and off the court.

Glenn is an industry role model to all players and has built the KITA brand strongly through his own dedication and by gathering a powerful team of top International coaches, to drive player development and provide industry leading innovation within his business.

Glenn has embedded his knowledge, commitment, passion and love of the game of tennis into his Melbourne-based tennis training academy. Students attending, reap the rich rewards of his long and successful career and his ongoing dedication to their development.